Evidence Collection and Analysis

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Apple (Apple Inc., NASDAQ: AAPL, LSE: ACP), formerly known as Apple Computer, Inc. (Apple Computer, Inc.) is headquartered in Cupertino, California, the United States, the core business is the product of Electronic Science and Technology, with the global computer market share rate of 7.96%. Apple's Apple II personal computer revolution in the 1970s contributed to the subsequent Macintosh Relay sustainable development in the 1980s. The most famous product is produced the Apple II and Macintosh computers, the iPod digital music player and iTunes music store and the iPhone, it is known for its innovative and high-tech enterprises. In January 9, 2007, Apple Computer, Inc. changed its name to Apple.

Apple company specializes in the development, manufacture, sales of personal computers, servers, peripherals, computer software, online services and personal digital auxiliary equipment. It is the world's third largest PC supplier in 1995, ranking the top 11 when the World Information Technology Company, the world's largest software maker. In the year of 1994 and 1995 it was in the global multimedia market share topped the list.

The Apple computer company describes the results of the company like that: Apple computer company with the Apple II in 1970s ignited the personal computer revolution, it was the introduction of and reinvented the personal computer. Through its creative hardware, software, and Internet technology and equipment, Apple company is committed to create the best computer use its network bring to students, educators, creative experts and ordinary consumers around the world.

1. the external environment
a. the political and the legal influences
Apple's operating environment would be affected by the political and legal issues. With the advanced development in digital technology, the government began to deal with the piracy problems, began to enforce the law strictly, improve sentence, trying to reduce the piracy problem. Government regulated industries, through online music-competitive behavior in order to adjust all aspects of copyright law in the United States.

b. the global economic
The United States government cannot launch large-scale stimulus policy consistently, monetary policy will be more tightening. In Japan, companies are still reluctant to invest, deflation resurfaced again. Similarly, the euro union economy, while improving but is still weak. The high degree of exposure to Eastern Europe, which cause European banks continue to restrict lending, thereby suppress recovery, employment subsidies terminated finances will start deflation. Most new flourishing markets recover faster than developed economies, Asia is the leading pioneer. Global demand for Asian exports began to rise; China's economic growth accelerated, although the rapid credit growth that arise the concern, approximately China's economy will grow 9.5% this year. Eastern Europe, the prospect would be improved, but the countries' fiscal problems to expand, business and consumer confidence is still weak. Latin America has started to recover, the Middle East and Africa also improved.

b. Social culture
Public attitudes, as well as consumer behavior would also promote social changing. Social trends and the change in attitude can also affect the daily operations of the organization of work and leisure. Based on the cultural differences in the different area, people's moral values ​​are different, Apple created the legal downloading of music, that is, can download music directly from the Internet, it can stimulate the sales of the Apple, for those who do not want to illegally download music, this kind of way can provide another service experience.

c. Technology
With the advancement of technology and the development of the Internet, which make life started to become more convenient. But with the conduct of high-tech technology, has gradually shock to some industrial. Apple in the block of music market, giving priority to create...
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