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1.2 Historically, what were Apple’s major competitive advantages?1
3.0 Why did Apple fail to build on these advantages to lead the industry?2
4.0 How has the structure of the personal computer industry changed over the last 20 years3
5.0 What are the implications for the profitability of personal computer manufacturers?4
6.0 Evaluate Apple’s strategies since 1990 (focus on Scully and the return of Steve Jobs)? How did Scully try to save Apple? How did Jobs?7
7.0 The iPod: Why has Apple been so successful with the iPod business?8

A public listed company is any company issuing stock which are traded in an open market based on an individual running the company or the institutional shareholders according to their constitution through the process of stock exchange or on the over the counter market in proportion to the amount of stock they own as a percentage. In this case lets take a look at APPLE company. Apple Inc used to be called Apple Computers Inc. but dropped the word computer because it wanted to expand its products beyond just computers. This American company was established in 1976. Steve Jobs was a co-founder Apple designs and manufactures software products such as The Mac OS operating system iTunes iLife Final Cut Studio There are three main electronic products Mac computers iPods iPhoneMac ComputersThe first Macintosh computer was called 128K. It was the first computer to ever feature a mouse. Apple now make: Macbooks, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and the iMac. Macbooks are portable laptop computers, and the iMac is a desktop computer.

1.2 Historically, what were Apple’s major competitive advantages?

Apple engaged in extensive backward integration, manufacturing its own chips disk drives and monitors the only component it sourced from outside were Motorola’s microprocessors. This was a definite advantage in terms of building an individual brand identity and offered a complete desktop solution, something that its competitors could not offer at the time. This one stop integrated product allowed Apple to sell products at a premium price, with gross margins averaging around 50 The one major drawback of this practice was that it limited inter-operability with other hardware and software systems Still its ability to invent cool technology and making it easy and fun to use , was a major competitive advantage that made Apple highly successful in the 1980s However Apple has had various competitive advantages since its origin until the present. Firstly, Apple's innovation has always been its hallmark. Beginning with the first and Apple produce iPad Apple products have change the development of the market many times, especially during the last decade, with the first iPod's lunch. Although Apple's single technologies have not been walkthroughs created by the company itself, it has developed the characteristics of these technologies and combined them in a way that had never been done before. One of Apple's main ways to innovate is through the ease of use of its products, another of its big competitive advantages. Apple's products are popularly considered as very intuitive and, although MP3 players already existed in 2001 or multi-touch surfaces in 2007, products like the iPod and iPhone allow the use of these technologies and devices in a very practical way with an almost vertical learning curve. Besides this ease to use, Apple has form plug as well as play oriented designs: devices ready to be used with a series of peripherals without requiring prior knowledge. This has led Mac computers to be recognized as digital hubs of the new digital devices. 3.0Why did Apple fail to build on these advantages to lead the industry? In the mid-90s' seemingly any company that could make electronics was trying to make a set top...

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