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Topics: Social media, Emerging technologies, Citation Pages: 35 (5846 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Unit of studyITD1010
Communication for the Computer Professional

Assessment TitleResearch Assignment #1
Investigation into Social Networking sites to promote business growth and Emerging technologies.

Assessment TypeResearch assignment
WeightingThis assessment is worth 40% of your final result for this unit of study Due dateProgress report #1 due via email Week 8
Due Monday September 9th 8:30am via email
This assessment forms part of your portfolio
Due dateProgress report #2 due via email Week 11
Due Monday October 14th 8:30am via email
This assessment forms part of your portfolio
Due dateProgress report #3 due via email Week 15
Due Monday November 11th 8:30am via email
This assessment forms part of your portfolio
Due dateFinal Report Week 17 Final report CANNOT be emailed. Due Monday November 25th 9:15am sharp.
It MUST be printed/bound/professionally presented.
Unless otherwise specified, due dates are the same day as the first scheduled class of the week. Note: You will also be physicaly presenting your report to the class in WEEK 16. Please refer to the Presentation assessment sheet for further details. The presentation is a separate assessment item. Submissions after this date / time will be treated as a RESIT and thus your second attempt.) There will be NO TIME ALLOCATED during WEEK 17 class for you to finalise your assignment. It needs to be completed when you arrive to. The final report CANNOT be emailed as it needs to be physically bound eg ring binding. (The VU library offers a binding service for a small fee) You must put your name and VU student ID on all items submitted for assessment You must include a standard assignment IT cover sheet. This does not need to be bound to the document, it can be inserted under the front page clear acetate. Cover sheets are available on drive S and/or your instructors Learning Management System (CANVAS / WebCT etc) If you do not pass this assignment (ie if you do not achieve a minimum mark of 20) you will be able to do it again and resubmit it, but you will only be able to achieve a mark of 20 or a pass for this second attempt

Submission Instructions
The final report must be BOUND. The library has a binding service where you can take your document. Spiral bound with clear acetate front cover is appropriate. You cannot insert pages into any folder that has clear sleeves as this is NOT binding, it must be bound. Ring binding is preferable, please see the library well before the due date to check options. Unbound reports will not be accepted.

Please have your assignment completed BEFORE the final due date to ensure you have time to correct any problems before they occur. Allow yourself plenty of time as this demonstrates time management skills. You instructor will be happy to check reports up to 3 working days PRIOR to the assessment. Please do not send them reports to check after this time as they may not have sufficient time to give you feedback. The document needs to be properly referenced. Your class will cover how to reference research material. The VU style guide is available from here: http://w2.vu.edu.au/library/referencing/ Please use the Harvard Style guide when referencing material.

Resources required
Internet / library resources.

Description of task
You will be required to write a report analysing current Social Media sites and making recommendations as to how a business should proceed implementing such activities in accordance to the scenario as described.

Your report will not only contain your research from 5 Social Media products but you will also cover how to implement it should it be chosen by the management team.

Additionally you will be researching emerging technology tools you believe would be useful to the business.


As a recent graduate, you are working for an IT firm that sells computer components. Primarily, these components are for small business...
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