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Phase I Roadmap/Requirements
Note: The casebook is necessary to address what is required here, but it also asks you to answer questions and go in directions that I do not require. For your Phase I deliverable, complete sections I through IV from this sheet for Phase I. Be sure to complete each item. Use the casebook but do not let it lead you away from these issues. The text can be single-spaced (12 point font) with 1 inch margins. Make liberal use of tables, bullets and headings to enhance readability. Phase I must be no more than 20 pages (excluding title page, but including tables, appendices, etc.). I. Executive Summary: 1 page highlighting your work for FastCat’s CEO (Prof. Fulmer) II. Present your compensation objectives. You should have from 4-8 of them. As a starting place, see pp. 10-12 in the casebook and pp. 19-21 in the textbook. Objectives may sound generic, but your group should be able to tie them to specific aspects of FastCat’s situation. This will help you focus on designing techniques in later Phases of the case that are tied to FastCat’s needs. Therefore, in the report, you need to explain WHY you chose each objective (i.e., what is it about FastCat and its situation that led to your choices; how do your choices support FastCat’s strategy/vision and reflect its values). III. Briefly (1 page or less) discuss your recommendations on the tailoring issue and hierarchical versus flat (or compressed) pay (p. 17 of casebook, p. 84-86 of the textbook). There is no simple right answer here (and you can change your mind later), but your position can have implications for subsequent decisions in Phases I, II and III. IV. Create a job-based structure (i.e., a quantitative hierarchy of job worth at FastCat) based upon a point method of job evaluation. Pages 17-21 of the casebook and chapter 5 of the textbook provide guidance here. Note: Do not create a person-based structure—job-based only. A. Decide how many job structures...
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