Final Fall 2014 2

Topics: Short story, Sociology, Critical thinking Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: December 8, 2014
Critical Thinking – HUP 102 Fall 2014 Session 1 Professor Beltran Due December 9, 2014

Final Paper requirements:
MLA Formatting: including all standardized paper formats – 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced, proper heading, in-text citations, ending with a work cited page. – Automatic 20 points taken off if improperly formatted. Length: minimum 4 pages (text must pass the midpoint of the page) [does not include work cited page]. Must have at least 3 sources: any of the videos must be correctly cited; class discussion, class notes, *PowerPoint information please refer to the MLA website. 3 academic sources required. This means the sources must be found from the LaGuardia library database or another reputable source. 1. For the final paper you need to analyze the short story “The Man Who Lived Underground” by Richard Wright. You need to connect one of the themes in the short story: capitalism, religion, the anti-hero, etc with the text and explicate about your choice/connection to this theme. You also need to connect this theme to our modern day society – has anything changed in the last 60 years? Do you believe that Fred Daniels is a critical thinker? What would he think of today’s society if he resurfaced now? 2. Most people tend to think of problems outside themselves, but without a good clear knowledge of who they are, their target goals, and if their belief systems will lead them to where they need to be to be fulfilled, no amount of extrospection will fulfill their needs. You will team up with a person that will ask you short concise questions, no longer than 8 words, to find out who you are essentially. What drives you? Motivates you? Do not be content with one word answers or yes/no responses. You will have ten minutes to provide your interview. It may not be less than ten minutes nor longer than 15 minutes. - Partners will receive an extra 20 points on their Final exam. 3. You will...
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