Finish with a bang

Topics: Steve Jobs, Performance, Audience Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: July 9, 2014
1. Definitition of Finish with a bang
Bang: a short loud noise
For example: the sound of a door closing with a lot of force. If sth goes bang, it makes a noise like this A bang in presentation means that an impression, a surprise action. This is the way end presentation with a impression, pay attention of the audience In situation, it is in a very exciting or successful way 2. Befenits of finish with a bang

First of all, it helps evoke curiosity, attract the attention of audience to our presentation and creating the interest in of audience with our presentation. The presenter put a big cardboard box on the table at the start of the presentation and at the end he said, ‘I guess you’ve all been wondering what this box is’. And we all had...! The conclusion was to think ‘outside the box’. Then, the presenter took a hammer, smashed the box and threw it in the rubbish bin. It was dramatic and it ‘hammered home’ the message. Then, transmit energy, inspire, elation to audience

Above all, a presentation should inspire. It should leave people in awe. It should bring the best in all of us and challenge us to grow, to reach higher levels of fulfillment. Example: Steve Jobs was a master of inspiration. In 1984, his presentation about the first Apple Macintosh machines and he inspired to his audience. Other example: One presenter gave a talk about creativity. At the end she played some music and got everyone involved, clapping to the music. She danced across the stage. I’ll never forget it because it was different. It really gave the presentation impact. I’ve often played music in my office since. Next, transmit a message

At the end of presentation, the presenter informed audience there was a gift underneath our chairs. There was a package taped underneath every chair and inside they we found a T-shirt with the new logo and samples of the product from the presentation. It was a surprice for everyone and they still have the T-shirt! Example: Luu thi hue_a student of...
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