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Topics: Plagiarism, Citation, Essay mill Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Department of Communication Studies
Assessment and Assignment Cover Sheet
Student Name | |
Student ID .| |
Assignment title| |
Programme, Course no./ title| COMM 5543ACADEMIC SKILLS FOR COMMUNICATION STUDIES| Lecturer/Tutor | |
Date submitted| |
Date received | (office use only)|
| |
KEEP A COPY Please be sure to keep a copy of your work. If you have submitted assignment work electronically make sure you keep a backup copy. PLAGIARISM Plagiarism is not tolerated at Unitec. Plagiarism is defined as "the act of taking and using another person's thoughts, ideas, writings, inventions or work without proper acknowledgement" and includes: * copying the work of another student * directly copying any part of another's work, including information obtained from the internet * summarising another's work * using experimental results obtained by another CONSEQUENCES OF ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT The penalties associated with academic misconduct, including plagiarism, have been established to reflect the seriousness with which Unitec regards such matters. Full details on the penalties and the process that is followed on such occasions is available on H drive: H:\ADU\Academic Policy & Procedures\Current Policy Documents\01aAcademic Statute effective 1 January 2005. I declare that all material submitted in this assignment is my own work except where there is clear acknowledgement and reference to the work of others. I have read Unitec's information for students on plagiarism and academic misconduct at http://uniweb/quad and in Unitec's Student Handbook. I am aware that my assignment may be reproduced and/or submitted to other academic staff for the purposes of assessment, and may be copied, submitted to plagiarism detection software, and retained on that software's database. Signed Date| | PORTFOLIO OF...

References: integrated smoothly into the text | 5 | | |
Presentation and style * Reader-friendly features: font size; white space; 1.5 spacing * Technically accurate * Appropriate length: within 10% of word count * Professional layout | 5 | | |
Writing * Excellent grammatical conventions and correct punctuation * Professional expression, succinct word choice, clear and coherent * Clear and compelling * Voice Individual and powerful * Formal, impersonal style * Sentence fluency- varied and natural | 20 | | |
Practice Inclusions |
* Annotated bibliography | 9 | | |
* Critique | 6 | | |
TOTAL Grade | 80 | | Note that this mark will be converted to a mark out of 30 in the final calculation of grades. |
Comments Have a query? Want to improve your grades next time?You could:Talk it over with your lecturer or programme directorVisit Te Puno Ako or Maia for learning advice and supportVisit the Pacific Centre for Learning Teaching and ResearchContact the USU Advocate for independent advice – for contact details and more information, go to |
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