Forensic Pschology

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Forensic Psychology and an Attorney
Kenya Taylor
Intro to psychology

Forensic Psychology and an Attorney
Although I am still quite indecisive of exactly what I want to be in life, I have a general idea of the careers I am going to choose from. The one I am leaning more towards is a profession as a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer is a person who practices or studies the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating actions of its members. A criminal lawyer may either represent a person who has been accused of a crime or the government in prosecuting the accused. The area of specialization that I think closely resembles my career goals would be forensic psychology. Forensic Psychology applies psychology to the legal system (Experience Pyschology, 2010). Forensic psychology involves the management of crime and criminals through professional practice of principal theories and methods derived from the scientific and clinical studies of human behavior (Carter, 2010). At the heart of all crimes are people (Carter, 2010); Weather they are the people who commit the crime, those who have been victimized by the crime, or those who are attempting to solve it. As a lawyer I think your substantial objective should be to have an understanding of people, if you are able to understand people and their behavior it makes it easier to either defend or prosecute a person. On a day to day basis, examples of how criminal law would amalgamate into psychology would be when the defendant or prosecutor is testifying, taking the information and being able to adequately analyze it, so you can determining the proper questions to ask, and vital information to point out to sufficiently explain your point of view of defending or prosecuting the individual. They also have to evaluate their audience to effectively deliver their point. Another example would be when criminal lawyers conduct legal research to find evidence, such as similar cases, facts, and...

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