Gender Parity in Bangladesh

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Apple Inc is an American multinational organization located in 1 infinite loop, Cupertino, California 95014, in the middle of the Silicon Valley. It is focused on designing and developing the personal computers, other related software products, and the electronic products such as MP3 players and iPods.  Apple Inc’s main products are iMac, iPod, iPhone, and its latest advanced product is iPad, which is on the verge of creating another revolution after iPhone. Apple was founded by Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak in 1976, since then Apple Inc has been leading the way in innovating new products, however it has encountered numerous ups and downs since then.  Apple Inc produced the first ever extremely successful personal computer. It has been always on the forefront of innovating new products; however it has often struggled to maintain the hold on the market share in the product line. Lately, Apple Inc has transformed its image from an inventive computer manufacturer to a fully fledged consumer’s electronic company.  Some facts of its success can be calculated from its sales of $13.95 billion in the year 2005. In year 2005, Apple Inc had controlled 4.2% of the US market in PCs.  Also, Apple iPods models had controlled 70% of the hard drive MP3 player market. Apple Inc enjoys the leading share in the handset market, generating over 71% of the industry’s profit with 6.5% of the international handset market.  Apple unveiled its first iPhone on 9th January, 2007. The most recent iPhone, is the iPhone 4S, and it was announced on 4th October, 2011 and was released 10 days later. The data released recently shows that since the release of iphone 5, Apple's share of the worldwide smartphone market has continued to slide throughout 2013. Data for the year's first quarter released by Gartner in May showed that Apple had fallen from 22.5 percent of sales to end users in 2012 to 18.2 percent in 2013.

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“Apple ignited the...
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