Geographical Location

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The Texas Hill County

My important Geographical location is the hill country, specifically the area between Wimberley and Fredericksburg, Texas. This area is full of different types of trees and wildlife. There are different lakes and a river that runs through it as well as ranches, farms, caves, and small family owned businesses such as the Luckenbach feed store and Alamo Springs Café. This location is important to me because I grew up here. I loved being able to run around in the trees and bushes rowing up, to be able to chase the deer and see bunnies, foxes, snakes, and other animals that some people never get the chance to see. Because I grew up in the hill country, I spent a lot of my time outside playing with sticks, making mud pies, and playing in the dirt. Most kids growing up play with Barbie dolls and toy cars. Leisure plays a large roll in the hill country. There are many things to do such as hiking, fishing, and fishing as well as horseback riding, camping and having a large garden to tend to. In my particular area, you can hunt deer, doves, turkey, and wild hogs. There is also a river and several ponds to go fishing in. One of my neighbors has an equestrian area to ride horses. I had a large garden where I grew many different vegetables year round. I also have been camping in my back yard, as it is more of a pasture with a lot of trees and wildlife as well as getting out my golf clubs and hitting a few balls. There is overall a high level of leisure activities that you can participate in.
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