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Strategic Organisation Module Module Syllabus Learner experience This module focuses on organisational design, development and performance as a strategic response to the modern business environment. You will be introduced to the concepts underlying new forms of organisation designed to enhance competitive position and improve performance and growth. In particular, strategic organisation is explained in the context of the special demands and opportunities presented by the global economy and advances in technology. Additionally, this module includes introductory information on academic integrity, citing, referencing, and participating in discussions that will aide you throughout your programme.

Module aims and objectives The aims of the module are to develop knowledge and understanding about organising and managing in contemporary conditions of society and industry. Specifically, the module focuses on management and organisational performance through the relationship among strategy, organisation, and organisational environment. The module also addresses foundational topics for student success throughout the academic programme. This module is the first in your master’s programme. There are some items that will be found within the online classroom which may be new to you as an online student such as Module Aims, Learning Outcomes, Discussion Questions, and Hand-in Assignments. Throughout the first two weeks of this module there are additional explanations and preparatory information provided to assist in guiding you through the instruction. There is a transition in week three that begins the module content specifically related to Strategic Organisation. In addition, if at any time you have questions during the class, please contact your instructor. Aims The specific aims of this module are to ensure that students can: • • • • Manage the academic requirements of online learning successfully; Appreciate the nature and role of management in modern organisations; Understand why organisation is integral to the effective performance of organisations; Model organisation performance, taking account of the relationships between corporate strategy and features of the organisation such as people, structure, routines, and culture.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module the student will be able to:

Participate in and contribute to an academic community through on-line discussion and assessments; whilst applying writing style conventions and academic integrity to academic writing; Analyse and evaluate scholarly resources and writing for logic and supporting evidence; Understand the nature and purpose of business organisation; Identify the dynamics that shape organisational form, conduct, and performance in contemporary environments; Analyse the factors that make organisation a key strategic element in business performance; Assess the importance of organisation in the implementation of corporate and business strategy; Evaluate alternative strategies for managing people and processes in organisations.

• • •

The learning outcomes listed above will be measured through your completion of the weekly assignments, either Discussion Questions or Hand-in Assignment, in the module. Learning strategies You will be studying this module through a combination of self-study and online interactions. The self-study materials introduce the full range of topics that need to be covered, although some additional detail will arise through discussion and collaboration between students and instructors. One of the strengths of an online learning program such as this is the high level of student interaction, where students are encouraged to share their own experiences online for the benefit of the others. Each week of the module has detailed learning objectives, indicating the topics and level of competence that you should achieve on completion of that part. Assignments include discussion questions, hand-in assignment...
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