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My Career Plan: Work Culture Preference states that I am an ethical well-resourced expert. Based on over one-hundred questions given that narrow down what I would like in an ideal job setting, I had only the choices of not at all or more likely. Knowing my ideal work culture not only would allow me to benefit my organization to achieve goals but will also allow me to achieve personal goals as well. I’m excited to find the work culture preference results returned that being ethical was the first of the three qualities it defined me as. Emphasis on fairness and equal rights has always been important to me, I believe that my timed served in the Navy is a reinforcing factor in that you should not segregate by gender, ethnicity or cultures. There should be no one person that is looked at as inferior or not qualified to complete any task assigned. I would look for the people who would not be afraid to express themselves freely and contribute their thoughts and ideas to better the organization.

Navigate to My Career Plan in Phoenix Career Services through the link on the student website.
Complete the Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture Preferences.

Explore the resources in the Phoenix Career Services and My Career Plan.

Answer the following questions, in at least 350 words, about your work culture preference and the resources in Phoenix Career Services:

Were you surprised by your results?

What resources in the My Career Plan and Phoenix Career Services site did you find that could help you in your career preparations?
 •How did the work culture preferences relate to your personal competencies from Week Two?

Submit your answers to your facilitator.
University Library Research
Resources: Appendix E; University Library Interactive Tutorial

Locate the University Library by logging on to the student website, selecting Library, and clicking University Library.

Find two articles in the University Library about one (or a...
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