Great Gatsby

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Great Gatsby Essay

Please select a topic of your own choosing, or one of the options below, in a 5 paragraph essay. The essay is due on Monday April 8th and will be worth 100 points. Each paragraph should have two quotes to support your argument, with proper citation as well.

Remember that a good thesis does not state something obvious- it proposes something that someone could theoretically disagree with, but that you prove with your strong arguments.

Nick takes great pride in his honesty. Do you agree with him, particularly in his role as narrator?

Many critics believe that Fitzgerald is writing about the American Dream. If he is, what opinions does he have about its condition in the 1920s?

Analyze the point of view and how it affects the interpretation of the story.

Analyze the manipulation of time in the novel.

Analyze a character from the novel.

Select a symbol from the novel and analyze it.

Select one of the themes of the novel and analyze it.

A- Proper Format (titled, typed, 5 paragraphs no more than 3 pages double spaced)
- Introduction that captures the interest of the reader and introduces the topic
- Presents a clear assertion/proposition (thesis statement)
- Creative and appropriate selection of topic
- Maintains an appropriate formal tone throughout the essay
- Excellent topic sentences/transitions between paragraphs
- Properly formatted works cited list and parenthetical citations (MLA)
- Two quotes with analysis to show how each supports your thesis
- A conclusion paragraph that reasserts your main claim (in different words) and offers an appropriate end to your topic
- No writing or punctuation errors
- Overall excellent writing form

B- Some further development needed
- Minor revision and/or corrections needed

C- Much further development needed
- Major revision and/or corrections required

Below C- Requirements for essay not met
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