He Tries to Run to Build Up Heat in His Body, but Has No Stamina. He Sits on the Snow and Feels Sorry for Not Listening to the Old Man Who Warned Him to Not Travel Alone, Then Ends Falling Asleep Into Death in the Snow.

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Basic Requirements 1. Your project must be multimedia, containing both text and visual components and perhaps audio (visual means everything from photos to drawings to paintings to textiles to a slide show presentation to video; the possibilities are endless!). 2. Your project must describe important moments of your history. 3. Your project must be both symbolic and literal; you must include both direct descriptions about yourself, like those Esperanza shared, and include artwork that shows layers of meaning. 4. Your project must follow all copyright rules . If you borrow either text or pictures for any aspect of this project, you must cite (or list) your sources. Some MLA sites to use: * Humanities: Documenting Sources * Landmarks Citation Machine * Contact your instructor if you need more help.|

Step 1Brainstorm to develop a list of "chapters" of your life, using the Table of Contents of The House on Mango Street as an inspiration. Choose five "chapters" for your project. Give names to events, people, and ideas that shaped you since your earliest memory. Try the following suggested activities to help spur your memories and creative thinking: * Ideas for your project. * Look at old photo albums, scrapbooks, or piles of collected photographs. * Look at books you read as a child. * List the years of your life, and for every year, write down one memory (as far back as you can remember). If you get stuck, pick an event such as a holiday or birthday, and brainstorm from there. * Listen to your favorite music, writing down or taping lyrics. * Examine and gather important "artifacts" from your life (old school materials, artwork, diaries, old clothing, awards, souvenirs). * Talk to family members about events in your life you may have forgotten to list.|

Step 2Write short descriptive passages telling the story of each chapter name (you will create the title chapter names). * Remember, you must use five chapters in your...
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