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“Everyman is a morality play written by an unknown author regarding the process of death. It is interesting how death is perceived in “Everyman” as it is contradicting to the way Christians perceive the process. However, even in the contradictions of the play there are some interestingly shared thoughts on the matter of death. In essence, all men must succumb to such fate but what he takes with him is dependent on what “Everyman” perceives.


Everyman has someone he or she can call on in a time of need. Even if they do not have family they can call other professionals for help. There is one process that is truly hard to find someone to go along with you in. This process is death. Death can simply be described as the change of life from physical to spiritual being. This change can be debated based off of one’s religious beliefs. Even in Christianity there are different beliefs as to what happens in death. In the morality play, “Everyman”, we will explore who death is perceived. God Speaks

Everyman begins with the message telling it’s audience to adhere to the lesson to be learned about the process of Death. Immediately, God speaks to everyman. God is concerned that no one is appreciative of his grace and his kindness. He feels that everyman has abandoned his teaching and has taken Him for granted. Sin is running rampant in the world. It is ruling over everyman. There is no longer a fear for God’s righteousness. In order to hold man accountable for abandoning God’s teaching, God send death to seek out everyman. Everyman becomes afraid and searches for someone to accommodate him on death’s journey. Interestingly enough, there is no one that is willing to accommodate everyman on this journey. In the Bible, John 11:27 states, “And everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die.” If everyman would just believe in Jesus, He can comfort even the...
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