Hiring Strategy of Wipro

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Hiring strategy in Wipro
In spite of economic concerns in US and Europe; Wipro is hiring many people, this is sign of the field catching up and good news for job aspirants. As a part of its restructuring bid, Wipro has changed its hiring strategy this year. Under the new change, the IT Company plans to add more entry-level workers compared to experienced employees. About 70% of Wipro’s new staff will now comprise entry-level people–hired usually from college campuses. Great news for fresh graduates, who are waiting eagerly for campus selection. The company plans to visit more than 400 colleges to hire entry level-staff for April 2012 hiring. In the last fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, the company hired more than 14,300 new employees. This has taken the company’s total headcount to 122,385. If one assumes that Wipro will take 25 percent more employees in April 2012, then freshers can expect to compete for a sizable portion of the 17875 new jobs. Hiring Strategy in Infosys

Infosys will hire over 26000 engineers in 2011, Mr. Pai (HR head) informed to the press. The company hired over 20000 engineers in the last fiscal. In fact, 50% of all the IT/ITES jobs will be created in India which means engineers can expect over 400,000 opportunities in 2011. Also, over 150,000 jobs will be for experienced professionals. Lateral addition, including several former employees of the company shot up three fold to 15,883 in FY 2011 from 4,895 in FY 2010. Hiring of freshers and laterals will be in the ratio of 60:40; based on business growth through client acquisition and expansion in emerging markets, Infosys may have to hire a few thousands more during the later quarters. Net addition of employees doubled to 17,024 during FY 2011 from 8,946 in FY 2010. Infosys CEO states the “Growth is back and companies are hiring a large number of employees in their firms to get maximum access to this competitive market especially in the tech and gadgets related”. Hiring strategy in TCS

The country’s largest information technology services provider, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), today said it will hire 37,000 engineers from campuses for 2011-12, 13,000 more than this financial year. For 2010-11, TCS had made 24,000 campus offers. The company has already crossed its hiring target of 50,000 employees for 2010-11 and will be adding 12,000-15,000 employees in the fourth quarter of this financial year. With a sudden change in the demand scenario, TCS’ hiring mix has also changed. The company that preferred to have a higher percentage of campus (trainee) hiring saw its lateral hiring increasing during this financial year. Traditionally, TCS keeps a hiring mix of 60:40 for freshers and laterals (experienced), respectively. But for 2011-12, the company has a hiring ratio of 54:46 for laterals and freshers, respectively. “If you look at the current quarter, TCS hired more laterals than trainees. It was also because of the demand coming up. For the next fiscal, TCS would like to keep the mix to 50:50, but it all depends on the business environment,” These hiring strategies of top companies, show good signs of revival of market and rise Confidence in the job seekers. Top priority is given to campus recruitments, which is useful for the IT professionals.

The Apple Bisociative Approach to Recruiting
Michael Moffa | October 16, 2011 |


BYTESOCIATION/Image: Michael Moffa
What would your recruiting job be like if Steve Jobs and the Apple team had designed it—meaning your recruitment methods, formats, tools, tactics and goals? If the actual Jobs-influenced recruitment process at Apple, as described by those familiar with it, is a reliable indicator, Jobs might have re-designed your job for you in a way that would have not only perfectly reflected his genius and flare in managing the design of Apple products, services and stores, but also would have applied the same creative strategies to your recruiting tasks. The Creative and Commercial Power...
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