History of Apple Inc.

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History of Apple Inc

Apple, the name itself commands regard and admiration. The world renowned computer company is actually the brain child of perhaps one of the greatest innovators that history has ever witnessed – Late Mr. Steve Jobs. His untimely death has left a permanent hole in the heart of every computer and gadget enthusiast. Steve Jobs, with his brain child Apple Inc, in the true sense revolutionized the way the world listened to music and operated the traditional computers. The beginning of Apple Inc can be traced down to the early and mid seventies. It came into existence as the joint effort of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They spent their teenage life in San Jose, California, famous as the Silicon Valley. Both Jobs and Wozniak were an outcast as teenagers and did not mingle well with the crowds and were high school drop out. They both first met in Hewlett Packard, where Jobs was a summer intern and Wozniak was working as a calculator manufacturer. Wozniak was a maverick of the technology product and has manufactured various devices illegally. One of his highly intriguing invention was a device which allowed people to make long distance calls. He made this device by hacking illegally the networks of AT & T. After a brief time, Jobs and Wozniak decided to time up and work towards a single direction. Where at one place Wozniak derived gratification from manufacturing intriguing devices, Steve Jobs came up with gainful strategies to market the range of personal computers to the world. The company was set up on the sacrifice of Volkswagen Bus of Jobs and HP Programmable of Wozniak. Initially, the basement section of Jobs’ house served as the “headquarters” of the company. They created their first ever personal computer on April 1, 1976. The first Apple computer was released under the name of Apple Computer Co.

Those Nostalgic Initial Stages
The first ever personal computer of Apple used TV as the display medium, which was revolutionizing in its...
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