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Topics: Citation, Reference, Parenthetical referencing Pages: 5 (1100 words) Published: December 11, 2012

Westminster International College

Module Title: International Economics

Programme: BABS

Semester: Four

Academic Year Period: October 2012 - January 2013

Lecturer: Dr. Kui Juan Tiang

Date of Completion and Submission: 17 December 2012

Submission Method: Online via turnitin

Assessment Type: An individual type-written assignment

Assignment Question:

The attached article discussed the risks and rewards of China going global. Critically analyse China’s international expansion. Also recommend what China can do to generate further economic growth for both its local economy and discuss how this can contribute to the global economic growth.


The International Economy Publications, Inc., 2011. Going Global: The risks and rewards of China’s new international expansion. The Magazine of International Economic Policy, Spring 2011. pp.52-55.

Assessment Requirements:

• The submission of your work for assessment should be organised and clearly structured in a report format as outlined below:

1.0Introduction (15 marks)
2.0Analysis(50 marks)
3.0Conclusion & Recommendations(25 marks)
4.0References(10 marks)

• This assignment is worth 30% of the final assessment of the module.

• Maximum word length allowed is 4000 words.

• The required content of the document produced by each student is required to be within specific maximum word lengths (in brackets) and to cover the specific areas as follows:

1. Provide a general profile of China and its economic background with relevant facts and figures. (800 words maximum) 2. Critically discuss the effects of China’s investment outflow on China itself and also on the investment destination countries in terms of risks and rewards. (2000 words maximum) 3. Recommend what China can do to generate further economic growth for both its local economy and discuss how this can contribute to the global economic growth. (1200 words maximum)

• Student is required to submit a type-written document in Microsoft Word format with Times New Roman font type, size 12 and line spacing of 1.5.

• The Harvard Style of Referencing system is COMPULSORY.

• Indicate the sources of information and literature review by including all the necessary citations and references adopting the Harvard Referencing System.

• Students who have been found to have committed acts of Plagiarism are automatically considered to have failed the entire semester. If found to have breached the regulation for the second time, you will be asked to leave the course.

Plagiarism involves taking someone else’s words, thoughts, ideas or essays from online essay banks and trying to pass them off as your own. It is a form of cheating which is taken very seriously. Take care of your work and keep it safe. Don’t leave it lying around where your classmates can find it.

Malaysian Qualifications Agency Learning Outcomes

Module Learning Outcomes:

• Understand the relationship between sub-national, national and supra-national institutional frameworks and business organizations • Distinguish between economic systems and different types of economic organizations • Illustrate the relationship between costs and prices under different market structures, analyze the price mechanism and demonstrate how market failure can occur • Understand the nature of the growing competitiveness of the international economy and the impact of globalization on business organizations and other social institutions • Evaluate the dynamic relationship between national and international policy making, key macro-economic indicators and business decision-making

Notes on Plagiarism & Harvard Referencing


Plagiarism is passing off the work of others as your own. This constitutes academic theft and is a serious matter...

References: • Smith, J. (2005a). Dutch Citing Practices. The Hague: Holland Research Foundation.
• Smith, J. (2005b). Harvard Referencing. London: Jolly Good Publishing.
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