Hospital Software Solutions Conflict Analysis

Topics: Avoidance, Management, Employment Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Organizational Conflict Report
Inquiry By: Natalie MacLaclan

It has come to my attention after reviewing the case notes, that the primary issue revolves around poorly developed relationships and communication issues with upper management. It appears the problem originated from the lack of communication between Allen Densmore and Derek Chow. Ms. MacLachlan was interviewed and hired for one position only to have her offer changed last minute. This change may have been conveyed to Mr. Nardi at the time, however, due to his recent dismissal and the solitary work environment of Hospital Software Solutions (HSS), it’s possible this alteration to Ms. Maclachlan job description was not made evident to her new acting supervisor, Mr. Chow. Evidence for this stems from the knowledge that Mr. Chow reminded Ms. MacLachlan the importance of following current company procedure, however, Ms. MacLachlan’s job description clearly states she is responsible for “streamlin(ing) processes, increas(ing) productivity, gain efficiencies and enhance value”. Even if Mr. Chow was informed, it seems evident he is not fully aware of the full extent of Ms. MacLachlans inexperience concerning her position. This most likely is due to her reluctance to voice concerns she had in regards to her new job description when Mr. Densmore altered her initial offer. This was indicated in the case to be a decision made by Ms. MacLachlan to avoid conflict with Mr. Densmore and not risk losing her offer. An inability to communicate effectively with Mr. Chow appears to have affected the confidence he had for her abilities to be an effective employee. She may be making a valiant effort, but it doesn’t appear to be an appropriate means of communication. However, the worst part is that she is somewhat aware of this problem, but yet has chosen to not follow up on these issues for fear of upsetting Mr. Chow further. This avoidance to confront Mr. Chow with her issues has only served to hurt her professional...
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