How leaderships influence the development of the organisation

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How leadership influences development of organization and manager.

Essay Question:
For this assignment you are expected to critically analyse the impact leadership may have on the development of organizations and/or managers by referring to a 'popular' conversation about leadership to illustrate your analysis. Popular conversations about leadership are resources like books, newspapers, magazines, websites, movies, TV, clips etcetera that are predominantly products for 'sale' by consultants and media companies.

Leadership has significant impact on organization, which is the process that leaders or managers head the followers of organization to achieve the goal. In order to operate an organization efficiently and effectively, managers or leaders are required to improve leadership. To be specific, excellent leadership is to take full advantage of human resource and material resource to achieve the goal within the short time and low cost (Prentic, 2001). This essay is emphasis on critically analyzing the impact leadership may have on the development of organization or managers and the understanding of leadership by referring the movie of . As Grint (2005) illustrate that leadership can be introduce in four different ways. First is the person, how can he or she be the leader and make the follower are willing to accept him or her. Secondly, what achievement that leaders reach to makes them to be the leaders. Third is the position where leaders implement strategies to fulfil their goals. Last but not least, is the process how they achieve the goal and what strategies and tactics they operate to make them to be leaders.

Taking Steve Jobs as an example, he is CEO of Apple who brought the company from bankrupt to profitable by producing new products and changing the structure of organization, which is the leadership as position. In 1998, Apple was suffered with loss. Jobs returned to Apple and produce IPhone, IPod, Mac and IPad, which assisted Apple to survival. At the same time, Apple retailer store and App store were emerged, which made the Apple profitable. In addition, Jobs decided to change the structure of organization. He focused on selecting and using core technical professionals and developing new products (Leadership as Process). As a leader, Jobs’ achievements are not only these products or wise strategies, but also his charm of personality. He is expert in giving speech and communicating with others. When he is giving speech, he is passionate and energetic, which can motivate and convince others. In addition, his creativity and imagination also attract his fans; the design and idea of products are fantastic, which develop a new era of electronic products. Thus, not only his followers but also customers adore him (Leadership as person). Because of Jobs’ efforts, Apple gains several years of stable financial returns, and propelled Apple to become the world's most valuable publicly traded company in 2011. The reinvigoration of the company is regarded by many commentators as one of the greatest turnarounds in business history (Leadership as result).

Alan Bryman (1992) has regarded transformational leadership as new leadership, which is the process that leaders and followers are encouraging and stimulating each other to achieve the same goal. As leaders, they not only concentrate on fulfill the goal but also inspire and help the followers to achieve success and change the perception to work as the common goal with leaders by their strength of vision and personality (Bass 1985).

Through the movie we can regard Jobs as transformational leader. Apple is not like other general companies to maintain the stability, Apple is pursuing to change the status quo and explain the current problems and reality of organization by articulating vision and creative strategies to understand the vision. In addition, Apple is emphasis on motivating and challenging followers to inspire their potential ability....
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