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Topics: Motivation, Management, Peer-to-peer Pages: 4 (1158 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Note to students: Since the table below is based on another case study, please note this is just an example of how to present Task 2 and in no way suggests answers to the current case study.

Task 3: Recommendations: (2 pages)

In view of the discussion above, the following recommendations are made regarding actions that could be taken to manage (1) job related attitudes and job satisfaction and organisational commitment (2)motivation of the people identified in the case and (3) what actions could be taken to build a high performance team in the case.

Managing Attitudes and Perceptions| Rationale|
Peer Assistance Network (PAN)| Introduction of a Peer Assistance Network (PAN) as an advisory exchange would be appropriate as PBA do not have a dedicated HR advocate. Employees are selected to act as quasi-counsellors, hence process is based on peer to peer interaction conducted in-house. This concept is similar to an ‘Employee Assistance Program’ and provides feedback opportunities on personal and work related issues, such as work-load stress, discrimination and emotional problems (MGT8030 Performance Management & People Development 2008).| Reward programs| Due to feelings of negativity, management should be aware of the link between attitudes and potential behaviour. Unfavourable attitudes may progress from the ‘affective’ to the ‘behavioural’ component catalysing staff resignations, costing the company financially, hence reward programs manage attitudes long term, help value congruence, and create mutual respect. Another effective way to manage attitudes is by measuring job satisfaction via corporate attitude surveys to gain feedback on issues of advancement opportunities, working conditions, freedom of initiative, rewards and recognition, cooperation, and leadership credibility, just to name a few areas for investigation (Wood et al. 2006). | Attitude surveys| Attitude surveys identify the missing links between staff ‘attitudes’...
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