How to Research a Topic Online

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How to Do Online Research
Online research takes a while to get used to, but your best friend is Google's advanced search (and "Google's Image Search" for images). First open up, go to the advanced search tab, and type into the search boxes the key terms you are looking for information on. Typically try to plug in words that are not too general and are more specific, or in combinations that will get the result you need--this required carefully thinking about the best search terms to use. Trial and error will guide you on how to find information. Usually a librarian at your local public library, or at our college library, will give you a hands-on tutorial. But also see these:

Once you find scholarly material on the web from solid academic sources, then cut and paste the web address (the URL) into your computer's notebook so that, in your assignments, you can list your citations from where you directly gathered your data and ideas from. Use the URL as part of the full citation that should include the author’s or artist’s name, title of work, date, etc. What is a "scholarly source"?

Scholarly sources typically cite their own sources in either footnotes or bibliographies at the end of their writing. Scholarly sources or scholarly websites have articles written by people "in the field" with which the journal or website is concerned. Scholarly sources use language that assumes a certain level of higher education background. Scholarly sources are balanced in opinion and are not diatribes or rants for only one answer. Typically scholarly work is found on websites ending in .edu or .org. See also:
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