how to write a paper to be published

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Outlines for Paper Writing Assignment
1. Find or search (Google it) for the most recent/current/contemporary/latest issues/problems/pitfalls ( regarding and within MANAGEMENT)

2. Choose your Topic: finding the topic which should be new and latest.

3. Finding 25 or above articles related to the topic. (The article/journal paper must be academic and of 2007 onwards).

4. Create your Title using these 25articles (showing the relationship, reviewing, impact on etc...)

5. Writing the paper

a. Abstract (Written at the end)
i. Why the topic is important (significance of the topic)
ii. What have you done in the report
iii. Summary of the conclusion

b. Keywords: Write the keywords (must be between 3-5 keywords)

c. Introduction: briefly mention the purpose and introduce the topic and main points about the report (some citations are needed)

d. Literature review/Body: discuss the sources, points made, how do they relate, do u differ or relate to what has been discussed before (citation is necessary and must for this paper writing)

e. Discussion (to critically discuss whatever has been discussed in the report) (Not to use the terms; I, WE, MY), write like: This paper/article/research

f. Conclusion (briefly restate the main argument and direct ur ideas)

g. References (use APA format)
The reference journals and articles can be searched in the following sites: Emerald
Google scholar

The whole research paper or the assignment must be at least 6 to 10 pages of the font Times New Roman and the Font size should be 10 with the line spacing of 1.

Deadlines for the assignment
1. Title confirmation
(Wednesday 15th January 2014)

2. First draft submission
(Tuesday 21st January 2014)

3. Final report submission
(Tuesday 28th January 2014)

References: (Wednesday 15th January 2014)
(Tuesday 21st January 2014)
(Tuesday 28th January 2014)
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