Hr0372 Assessment Brief Seminar 2 2012-13

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Instructions on Assessment:

‘The value of a student’s international experience goes beyond purely the acquisition of language – it lies in the ability to see business and personal issues from other than your own cultural perspective’ Charles MacLeod, Head of UK Resourcing, Price Waterhouse Coopers 2008


An analysis of the culture of an organization

Your report will apply a theoretical framework used in the study of organizational culture (e.g. those developed by Schein, Hofstede, Weick, Handy/Harrison or Duffy) to conduct an analysis of an organization’s culture.

The analysis will illustrate the culture by focusing on EITHER

1. an issue (something which the organization has responded to) OR 2. a particular organizational practice (something the organization does) OR 3. an event (some particular incident or series of incidents inside the organization) OR 4. a sub – unit (an organizational department department/division) .

You will be able to choose from one of seven organizations:
• Apple
• South West Airlines
• The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation • Ben and Jerry’s
• Médecins Sans Frontières
• The Morgan Motor Company • Ikea

(The web sites are provided as somewhere to consult in the first instance but should not exhaust your enquiries)

This module is studied in many overseas locations. The lists of organizations available to choose are amended slightly to take into account greater suitability for the part of the world they study in. Whilst not giving you too much choice! We think it only fair to allow all students to choose from the entire list, so have included these as well and you can choose one organisation from this list as well if you wish, however normally UK based students choose from the list of seven organizations above and so please speak to your seminar tutor for guidance before choosing from the list below:

Singapore; Huawei,Olympus, Temasek, Air Asia
Hong Kong: Cathay Pacific Airlines, TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited)
Germany: dm ( Website is only in German

Your report will not exceed 3000 words (excluding appendices) and will include:

• A brief background to the organization and its environment • An Introduction to the focus of the report (the practice, issue, event or sub-unit) (NOTE: WITHIN THIS SECTION YOU MUST INCLUDE A SENTENCE STATING YOUR FOCUS CLEARLY AND SIMPLY) • An explanation of the theoretical framework you will use to analyze the organization, including its main concepts • A brief argument which explains why you have chosen this framework instead of others. • An analysis of the practice, issue, event or sub-unit which uses the chosen theoretical framework and concepts • Conclusions (including recommendations if necessary).


Please see the TLP for this module for suggested reading. Other reading and resources will be suggested by your seminar tutor as you discuss your ideas with them.

For specific and more detailed guidance you will be...
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