Hrm & Potential Risks in Apple Inc.

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Name: Zeng Xiangyuan

Module title: HRM

Essay title: Apple Inc.

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Date: Nov/15/2012

Table Of Content

1. Introduction – HRM & Potential risks in Apple Inc. (P3)

2. Recruiting – Internal & External sources

3. Selection – Five steps in the selection process

4. Training and development – Stages of designing

5. Conclusion

6. References

Apple Inc.

1. Introduction – HRM & Potential risks in Apple Inc.

Importance Of HRM
Human Resource Management is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment, management and provides direction for the people who work in an organization. (Headthfield) Human Resource Management is important for an organization to succeed and achieve their desire objectives, human capitals are considerable as an important asset in every successful organization. Crucially, human resource management assists organizations to create loyal and happy employees to readily offer their best in work. (McGraw-Hill, 2004) Apple is an American multinational corporation in California that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. (aworam, 2010) Basically, Apply Inc. have created and release one of the most effective and advanced consumer electronics, Apply products take over the PC market in all over the world. (WOODBURN, 2012) That’s why Apply Inc. need to appropriate introduction of elitists in order to innovate and create more electronic products and maintain success. It reflects how HRM is important in an organization.

Potential Risks In Apple
Even though Apple Inc. has been successful nowadays, there are still potential risks in HRM such as outflow of elitists, argument in teamwork and employees retraining and etc. Pitifully, Scott Forstall is the former senior VP of iOS in Apple Inc. and he has worked in Apple over 15 years. (Ingraham, 2012) As we know that he has left post and officially leave apple in 2013. Scott Forstall expects to work in Facebook or Amazon. (Ingraham, 2012) That’s outflow of elitist causes a serious problem that slow the production development and affect Apple’s ability to make profit. Therefore, Apple Inc. must look for new elitists to reorganize and lead new production development group as urgent affairs. There are three chosen practices below to help Apple, which are recruiting, selecting and training candidates.

2. Recruiting – Internal & External sources

Recruitment is any activity carried on by the organization with primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees. (SuccessFactors) Its goal is to encourage qualified people to apply for jobs and choose which candidates would be the best fit for the job. (SuccessFactors) Apple is always searching for recruiting world-class individuals for a rapidly growth, because currently many world-class companies realized on the value of human resource and employee development is more than ever before as Steve Job said “ the most value asset of Apple Inc. is employees” Who is used to be the CEO in Apple. (Lyana Ayob)

Internal sources
Internal sources defined as recruit candidates in internal-form within an organization. (Akrani, 2011) Even though Scott Forstall who is the former senior VP will leave Apple, there are still so many excellent elitists work in Apple. Apple is currently seeking a replacement executive for iOS software development department. On the one hand, as iOS Vice President Scott Forstall is leaving Apple at the end of this year, Apple should recruit Craig Federighi who is the Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering. (Dilger, 2012) Craig Federighi has worked in Apple many years and has experience in developing iOS and software, to create new leadership and lead his team to develop new software and version of iOS. It is more effective and...

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