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Topics: Essay, Citation, Management Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: November 28, 2014
Length: 3000 words ±10% (excluding title page and reference list), presented in essay format Reference Style: Author-Date Style (Harvard Referencing Style) only

This assessment item relates to course learning outcomes numbers 1 to 7.  
The primary purpose of this assessment is to assist students develop skills in the use of leadership traits and change management theories and models in the analysis of a typical business situation that has organisation change and innovation concerns. The assignment requires you to analyse the current situation, identify and specify the organisational issues, and suggest practical and probable solutions. The secondary purpose of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to enhance their research, analysis, critical thinking and written communication skills; particularly in the areas of argument development and essay writing.  

Before starting this assessment please read the marking criteria (at the end of the document) and refers to Academic Essay on the Learning Skills Unit’s website:  
The course website also provides useful information in regard to the development of this assessment item.  
Assessment task 2 requires the writing of an academic essay. This essay should be an ‘argumentative essay’, and must therefore contain an argument that is used as the structuring element of the paper. The assignment is based on a case study that describes the impact of leadership styles and change management on business activities. The purpose of the essay is to identify the roles of change in organisational leadership and other challenges in managing dynamic organisations. Students are expected to engage in extensive research within the academic literature relating to organisational leadership, styles of change management and appropriate leadership style.  

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