Impact of Steve Jobs

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Impact of Steve Jobs with Apple

The impact Steve Jobs had on Apple was immeasurable. He built the company from the ground up. Every product Apple has put out has been because of Steve Jobs. His knack for knowing what desires consumers want in a product is just one aspect of what Steve Jobs did to help Apple become one of the top consumer electronic companies in the world.

Steve Jobs was a smart man and CEO. As the head of the Apple company, Jobs surrounded himself with smart men. This not only helped his company, but it helped Jobs when it came time to make big decisions regarding a project. After a project was initiated, engineers and designers had to work together on the project. Because Jobs believed that Apple’s greatest advantage was its integration of the project, from design to hardware to software to content, he wanted all departments at the company to work together in parallel. Jobs used the phrases of “deep collaboration” and “concurrent engineering” to describe this process.

To make this “collaboration” happen, Jobs relied heavily on the hiring process. He would have candidates meet the top leaders of Apple. This included guys such as Cook, Tevanian, Schiller, Rubinstein, and Ive. After the interview, he would meet with his leaders without the candidate and decide whether the person would fit in at Apple. Jobs goal with all of this was to prevent what he called “the bozo explosion.” Jobs explained that “the bozo explosion” is when a company becomes loaded down with second-rate talent. Jobs’ hiring process took the candidate not only to the area they would be working in, but through other departments and had the candidates talk to them to see how they would fit in.

From the start of the company, Jobs understood the needs and desires of his customers. He put products out there that the consumer wanted and his main desire was to get the product right. According to the Apple Marketing Philosophy, there were three points that...
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