Improving Organizational Performance” Simulation Summary

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Resources: “Improving Organizational Performance” Simulation located on the Week Three Course Web page. You may have trouble with Internet Explorer 8, so make sure you can access the simulation early in the course or call the Help Desk. Using Firefox as your internet browser also helps solve this problem, as opposed to Internet Explorer. •Complete the simulation “Improving Organizational Performance.” •Prepare a 1,500 to 2,000-word simulation summary in which you address the following FOUR criterion items: o1. (25%) For the major phases in the simulation, briefly describe: oThe situation

oYour recommended solution(s), including why
oYour results
oDo not spend your whole paper on this one criterion. Focus on the rest of the questions. This is only a small portion of your content grade. Cite the simulation in this section every time you need to. o***. Most of your paper should focus on these sections: summarize the organizational psychology concepts addressed in this simulation by answering the following questions. These are most of the criteria of the paper - use text, simulation and an outside reading citations to support your points. o2. (25%) Based on the situation illustrated in the simulation, what theory/theories of employee motivation could be used to increase productivity? Why? o3. (25%) Based on your findings from the simulation, how can knowledge of the psychology concepts like human behavior, cognition, and affect be used to enhance relationships in the workplace? o4. (25%)Based on your findings from the simulation, how can organizations reduce workplace stressors for employees? Not just at this company, but any company. oNote: Use the simulation, course readings AND AT LEAST ONE industry appropriate source to support your paper. These are not opinion papers. Show you have completed the objectives for the week and mastered the materials in this assessment. This is your exam for the week, basically. oUse APA style to...
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