Indian Dish Wash Category

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Indian Dish Wash Category
Market Snapshot
* Rs 400 to 450 crores branded dishwash category
* As per latest reports, dish care category is estimated to be around Rs. 1200, while the branded dishwash market is roughly 40% * The percapita consumption of this category (value terms) in India is hardly Rs 4 while in UK it is Rs 150. There is long way to go for this category * Dishwash bar category is huge: it's more than Rs 300-crore market churning out more than 1.2 lakh tonnes a year and growing at a CAGR of 20 per cent in the last five years. The dishwash powders market, however, is shrinking — it has fallen by 50 per cent from 3 lakh tonnes five years ago (2003 data) * As per CII - The total size of the dish wash market, estimated at Rs 4.4 bn has recorded a negative growth of 3 per cent in 2003-04. Over 60 per cent of the market is dominated by bars, while dish wash powders accounts for 32 per cent. The penetration levels are, however, still very low. Product Categories

1. Powder – outdated category. The players in this category are Vim, Sabena, Odopic 2. Bar – largest category (60 to 70%). Vim has created the dishwash bar category in 1993. Till that time urban households used dishwash powders. The bar offered many advantages to the homemaker over the powder which was messy and uneconomical. Since then Vim Bar ruled the dishwash market. The other brands present in this category are Nirma Clean Dish Wash, Nima Bartan Bar, Odopic, Exo, Private Labels (Spencer’s DishWash Bar etc) 3. Liquid (Dish Wash Concentrate) – evolving category, with Pril being the leader. Other players are Vim, Godrej Dish Wash, Godrej Glossy, Teepol, Private Labels (Spencer’s etc), some imported brands Good Maid 4. Dish Washing Paste (packed in a cup) – Axion and some imported brands like Budget (from the portfolio of Good Maid corp. SDN. BHD, Malasia) Market/ Consumer Trends

* The trend has shifted from Powder to Bars and now its moving to Liquid dishwash * The emerging category in dishwash market is the liquid dishwash. Pril from Henkel commands this market with a share of 70%. The other players are Vim, Teepol, Godrej * Marketers beleive that over a period of time, consumers will shift to Liquid since it offers more economy and convenience. But there is a problem with this category: Liquid dishwash is targeted at urban upper middle class home makers and here the users are home maids rather than home makers. It will be difficult to teach house maids to use the liquid efficiently. But if you see recently there was a article in Business Line – Influence Sells, where Henkel has targeted the maids as they are influencer like a mechanic for car spare parts. Henkel undertook an intensive study, which involved talking to housewives about their dish-washing patterns and learnt that as products like Pril were expensive, they were reluctant to give it to maid servants to use and preferred scourers with an abrasive action * While dishwash liquids do work efficiently against grease, consumers prefer scourers with an abrasive action to clean grease * There is high sale of 400gm Vim in first week as compared to rest of weeks, as the wife has disposable income at the start of the monthly. Subsequently she may go for 200 or 100 gm as per requirement Brand Details

Vim Journey
* Vim was initially positioned on the lemon content in the bar. The brand using its ingredients positioned itself on its Stain Removing benefit. The positioning was consistent through these years * The brand changed its form, added new features and expanded the market to stay on the growth path. To reinforce the stain removing property , the brand repositioned in 2003 by introducing the Stain Cutter feature * The company was trying to extend the brand from "Dish wash" to Kitchen Care market. The brand also created much inroads into the market with its Vim Challenge campaign which directly compared the brand with competition....
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