Industrial Quality Control Final paper

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I. Introduction
The Six Sigma’s problem solving methodology DMAIC has been one of several techniques used to improve quality. In a manufacturing company, it is an effective mechanism to be able to delight customers and thus effectively compete in the market. DMAIC has a better way to improve work process by eliminating the defects rate in the final product. It is consists of five phases: define, measure, analysis, improvement and control. In this paper, the researchers are going to evaluate a company’s process in order to perform the said methodology. The researchers named the Company as XYZ to keep the confidentiality of the real company’s data. The said company is a leading manufacturer of electric ignition or starting equipment for internal combustion engines. Some of their products include automotive wiring harness, electronic gas injection harness, engine room harness, main harness, body harness, airbag harness, instrument harness and compartment harness. The company’s advantage is by being a registered BOI (Board of Investment). They excel in the development of products to meet each of their key market’s unique specifications and requirements. An international company supervised and they only exports products. The company imports some of their raw materials in other country with a zero tariff fee. While the other percents of raw material are locally distributed like connector/terminal, protectors/relay cover, PVC sheets, wires, etc. The most valuable assets the company are their reputation and strong relationships with their customers. Their objective is to become a glorious company and become number one in quality that’s why they continuously improve their processes and products.

II. Objectives
The objectives of the study are:

1) Evaluate the existing processes of the company.

2) Identify sources of variations and opportunities for improvements for a specific business process.

3) Apply the basic DMAIC (Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control) Approach through the use of the Seven (7) Basic SPC Tools for the identified Process and basic Six Sigma Tools.

4) Transfer the technology to the process owner and company representatives.

III. Define
The goal in this phase: define the purpose of project, scope and process background for both internal and external customers.

A. Project Selection

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a collection of tools that implement the concept of prevention as a shift from the traditional quality by inspection/correction. It is a technique that employs statistical tools for controlling and improving processes. It is also an important ingredient in continuous process improvement strategies. In this study, the group presented and used the following tools:

Check Sheet

It is the basic tool for monitoring quality improvement processes. It is a data collection form used to manually tally and record the number of observations or occurrences of certain events during a specified time period.


It is a visual chart that depicts how often each kind of variation occurs in a process. As with all SPC tools, histograms are generally used on a representative sample of output to make judgements about the process as a whole.

Flow Chart

It is a type of diagram that represents an algorithm or process, showing the steps as boxes of various kinds, and their order connecting these with arrows.

Ishikawa or Fishbone Diagram

Also called as cause-and-effect diagram, it provides a visual representation of the factors that most likely contribute to an observed problem or an effect on the process. It is technically not statistical tool – it requires no quantitative data to create one – but it is commonly employed in SPC to help develop hypotheses about which factors contribute to a quality problem.

Pareto Chart

It is another powerful tool for SPC and quality improvement. Pareto Chart go a step further than histograms by focusing...
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