Information systems in healthcare

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Information Systems in Healthcare
Introduction into Health Services and Information Systems

Incorporating information technology into healthcare systems can improve provider practices, increase the quality of patient care, and reduce medical errors. Clinical Information Systems can support patient care in a direct manner by providing healthcare providers with access to relevant clinical information that is both timely and complete. In these types of systems, healthcare practitioners are also capable to use clinical information to diagnose, treat, and manage patient care; However, Clinical Information Systems are commonly absent in most long term care facilities. Most long term care facilities are missing out on clinical data being stored in an information system that is able to assist the facility by bettering management of chronic conditions, increasing efficiencies, and improving access to information. Venetian Gardens is a skilled nursing facility located in Loveland, Ohio. Skilled nursing facilities are licensed healthcare facilities that are inspected and regulated annually by a state’s Department of Health Services. They accommodate the needs of patients who either need short-term rehab while recovering from surgery, or require long-term nursing and medical supervision. Venetian Gardens offers services such as skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and long–term care; they also participate in Medicaid and Medicare. Venetian Garden’s facility in Loveland is a for-profit corporation chain that can house up to 99 residents; they currently house 92 residents. The facility serves mostly the elderly population, but they do also house mentally and/or physically handicapped residents of all ages that need assistance with activities of daily living. They are issued a license from the state licensing bureau. The state also conducts surveys in order to certify the facility and to provide services to eligible Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. The...

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