informative speech

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Sample Informative Speech Outline
I. Introduction
A. Opening (get audience attention, be creative)
1. Thesis statement
2.Why are you interested in this topic.
3.What 3 main points will you cover today
C. Connection with audience
(example: We all like to receive gifts, that is why Christmas is such a great holiday and we all can learn new ways to make gifts for others. II.Body
A. Main point One
1.(Research support) Friends that purchase gifts are fine with the idea however, those that make gifts to be given as Christmas presents tend to be embarrassed and not as proud. According to (Brown & Stellar 2003) the receiver of a homemade gift shows displeasure in receiving such a gift and does not have a pleasant or positive reaction. 2.(Example or illustration)

3.(Example or illustration)
B. Main point Two
1. (Illustration)
2.(Research Content Support) credible research
C. Main point Three
III. Conclusion
A. Summary (what has been covered & main points)
B.Reinforce Thesis Statement
C.Closing Statement (take home message)

References (APA Format)
Edmondson, A. C. (2003). A dynamic model of top management team
effectiveness: Managing unstructured task streams. Leadership
Quarterly, 14(3), 297-325.
Grice, G. L. & Skinner, J. F. (2010). Mastering Public Speaking. Boston
Ma: Allyn & Bacon Publishing.

Informative Speech Rubric
1.Select topic/make sure sufficient credible research information available. 2.Email me your working outline for topic approval, content and format. 3.If you have questions about your topic, outline format or other needed answers let me know. If more time is required for your specific question about your outline or topic you can make an appt with me. 4.3 references must be presented on your power point & formal outline that you will turn in to me. One of those references can be your book as indicated above. All references must be in APA format....

References: Grice, G. L. & Skinner, J. F. (2010). Mastering Public Speaking. Boston
Ma: Allyn & Bacon Publishing.
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