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Topics: Jamaica, Montego Bay, Roof Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: April 4, 2015
Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen
Recently we have been getting heavy rains in Montego Bay and the experience has been horrific, our entire building is leaking. Can you imagine our roof leaking and we are the largest distributors of roofing membrane in Jamaica? The building owner and maintenance crew dreads these days as we are constantly calling them not to mention the ladder climbing, head scratching and brain storming that is going on to locate that leak. For some, an elusive building leak strikes a chord of terror. For others it is the frustration of another exhausting, unending problem. Left unresolved, leaks might go beyond the “bucket will catch it” approach. Today I am pleased to introduce to you waterproofing membrane, an effective solution for a leaking roof. Modified bitumen waterproofing membranes were first introduced to the Jamaican market over 20 years ago, and have since become the leading waterproofing system for low-slope roofs and numerous water and damp roofing applications. Extensive researches done by two of the major suppliers, Edil- Venezuela and Novaglass- Italy have proven that waterproofing membrane is an effective solution for fixing a leaking roof. As a Jamaican and situated in the hurricane belt as well as having a rainy season we will be faced will a leaking roof at some time in our lifetime and it is therefore imperative for us to be in the know of what works. Spectrum Systems Ltd. supplies most of the modified bituminous membranes used in Jamaica. These products have established a unique position in the marketplace due to their superior quality, and have been specified for use on major projects island wide from the largest projects including the Iberostar Resort, the main terminal building at the Sangster International Airport, the University of the West Indies complex and even the smallest residential repair. The types, composition and application process of the waterproofing membrane are vital facts that reinforces the...
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