Informative Speech: Outline

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Informative Speech Outline

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COMS 101
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Organization:Identify your outline pattern here. Your only option for this speech is the Topical pattern (see the textbook, p 701).

Audience analysis:Provide a description of your audience (e.g., its demographics like age, gender, ethnicity, etc. as well as any other information about them that impacts the way you plan and present the speech (see the textbook, pp. 618–628).

Topic:In 1 or 2 sentences, identify the career/job field that you, in this speech, will define, describe, and present to the audience as a platform for promoting what God values. Simply state here that one can use this job field [identify it] to promote specific things that God values [identify them]. (see the Informative Speech Guidelines document).

Rhetorical Purpose:To inform my audience about (identify the vocation or vocational skill about which you will inform your audience)

Redemptive Purpose:To inform my audience how this vocation or vocational skill (identify it by name here) can serve as a platform for promoting something that God values according to Scripture (identify this God-valued something here and identify Biblical passages that support the idea that He values this).

I. Attention-getter
Use an attention-getter to introduce the topic (see the textbook, pp. 718–719, 721–727). II. Motive for Listening
Show the audience how this topic relates to them (see the textbook, p. 720). III. Credibility Statement
Identify the credentials or experiences that qualify you to address this topic as an authority (see the textbook, p. 720). IV. Purpose or Thesis Statement
Present your purpose or thesis statement—a statement that encapsulates your speech’s main idea—here. State it as 1 complete sentence (subject, verb, complete thought). V. Preview Statement
Present your preview statement here (see the textbook, pp. 720–721). Briefly explain that you will now validate or prove the thesis...

References: (APA) or Bibliography (Turabian)
Using MLA, APA, or Turabian style, present an alphabetized, properly formatted list of any sources that you cited parenthetically in the outline. For a helpful online guide to proper formatting in each of these styles, see the Hacker Handbooks “Research and Documentation” site via this link (right-click and select “Open Hyperlink”). For automated source formatting assistance, see Landmarks Citation Machine via this link (right-click and select “Open Hyperlink”).
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