Innovation Strategy of Apple, Inc.

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In the ever connected world, we live in consumers often appear lost or disconnected without their cell phones, tablets, handhelds, and other mobile devices. One such company has gained significant multinational market share in the industry. Apple Computer Inc., is known as Apple Inc. has proven that a company may successfully diversify its portfolio if they continue to be innovative in creating new products and improving older products. Apple Inc. was established in April 1, 1976 by founders Steve Wozniak and the late Steve Jobs with the release of one computer. The company then became incorporated on January 3, 1977 in Cupertino, California. During the early years of the company Apple was known as the manufacture of personal computer lines, Power Mac, Apple I and Apple II, and the Macintosh. A brief departure of the founders the company sales become dismal during the 1990s. After an acquisition Founder Steve Jobs became Apple’s CEO bringing with him an insurgency of innovation, a revised corporate philosophy and phenomenal success for the company. Today Apple is the largest technology firm in the world with the iOS range of products that include the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Innovation

During the early nineties Apple had its share of successes and even more failures. The first quarter of 1996 Apple reports of losses upward of $740 million. The remainder of the year was up and down with losses. The innovation of the Apple brand began to take shape in 1997 once Steve Jobs began to restructure the organizational structure of the company. An aggressive ad campaign is implemented to get the consumers excited about the new Apple. Pressing forward the company forged alliances with Microsoft, bought out other companies and began to negotiate a deal to take buy back the licenses of the MacOS from both Motorola and IBM. The corporate strategy what changed and electronic devices are sold directly to the consumer both online and through phone sales....

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