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Inside apple is a book where the author lets us discover the whole new strategic world of Apple directed first by Steve Jobs. It introduces the original way Apple manages its company. We learned that the business strategy model Apple is using is completely different from what we learned in school. We’ve always learned that a company has to have free flow information contrary to Apple that faces a large secretly managerial structure. By the time you finish reading the book, you will have a completely different idea of what you thought about apple, and you will probably be afraid of working for that firm. The author shares with us many interviews he has done to Apple employees and they help you discover how they feel working there. Overall, this book will please anyone interested in International Business, and personally, it pleased me.

I had no preference to any chapter, as they all conform the history of the company and how it woks, but I did pay more attention to Chapter 4 “Stay Start-Up Hungry” because it explains how Steve Jobs reentered his own company and did all the necessary changes to make it the best company in the market. After analyzing the chapter, I figured out Steve Jobs changed the company’s culture and make employees work at what they were best and nothing else. Apple created an atmosphere where employees where supposed to think big and mediocrity was not allowed in that place. In this chapter Lashinsky reminds us that in Apple, you can rapidly know who is responsible for what and that is the reason why there are no committees within the enterprise: because there are no division of responsibilities. My attention was caught by a very innovative key term on page 67: DTI “Directly responsible Individual” that helped the employees know with clarity who the direct responsible is. For example, the only responsible about the company finances was the Chief Financial Officer. If you ask other managers in the company about the company’s finances they would not be able to give you a clear answer, and that is how it is supposed to be; Jobs wanted every manager to focus on their specific area rather than worrying about other areas of the company. The company has organized itself along functional lines, not into separate business units.

Steve Jobs liked to work in an environment where there is only one grade on distance to connect with another manager. There were no virtual conferences in that company. As explained in page 78, Apple is a hard company to work in. They want specific educated people that work hard and complete the task in a short period of time, because the company is always running so fast and lean. It is interesting how Apple works on very small groups of team members. In the company, really small teams work on really important projects. There is no necessity to hire dozens of employees when two or three people can do the project. In many enterprises structure, there is always an employee A that is in charge of employee B who is in charge of employee C. Steve Jobs only wanted employees A working for his company. They wanted the employees to feel important about what they were doing because that was the best they were at, and surprisingly the employees never felt they wanted to keep on climbing the ladder of managerial structure because they felt comfortable with their jobs and they thought they have found their perfect job instead.

If someday I manage to run my own company, there are for sure many concepts I read from the book that I would apply. Of course Apple is well known from the beauty of its products. Their idea from starting the creation of a product starts with the design and then everything goes around it. The functionality and operations come after the design, which is why every single Apple product is considered as a beautiful item. They like to keep their products simple. Another thing I really liked about this company is the way they keep every...
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