Internal Company Environment Analysis

Topics: Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., IPhone Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: July 30, 2013
Internal company environment analysis

Apple is a company which has always been run by engineers and programmers instead of managers since its birth. Even though Apple had skilled managers like Steven Jobs, other engineers and programmers do a lot of effort to put together all the new ideas and technological advancement to make Apple’s products successful. Apple is well known for its sophisticated development of its applications, high quality product and for its internal company environment. It has set technological trend for all the consumers which let customers to buy apple products frequently. Apple has wide range of diligent employees who always try to implement innovative ideas and establish new products. Its strong financial background has helped the company to undertake expensive research and development to come up with new quality products. They continue to do this research and development throughout the year which not only helps them to come up with new products but also allows them to resolve the problems of the existing products. The major example of research and development is the wide range of product selection which apple has for its customers. The latest innovation of apple is the iphone 4S which has a unique feature called SIRI (an application used only in iphone 4S). This is an application which is completely different from all the other iphones in the row and due to this unique feature the demand of iphone 4S has raised drastically. Apple has managed to grab its customer’s attention because of its constant innovation. Apple’s think different motivation, unique resources and differentiation strategy has always kept them ahead from their competitors (Arruda-Filho and Lenno, 2011).

Apple’s marketing department has ascertained distinctive advertising campaign which has resulted in an increase in popularity of Apple in the mind of consumers. The company’s hard work has managed to gain the trust of the consumers and they always look forward to...
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