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Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, Apple II series Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: November 30, 2013
weToday, in economic activities , the brand has become a statement of mouth business , is one of the typical choices of consumers . Brand , becomes a hot topic of research experts , the creation of a brand also become international trends . The brand is a sign to consumers choose goods and services of businesses in numerous other goods of the same type . Brand contribute to the maintenance and expansion of markets for businesses, improve commerce and civilization against unfair competition between businesses . In the process of globalization today , branding is essential and of great significance to the business . Besides, in the context of complex and competing , increasingly diverse goods , consumers are always in a state of information overload , it is difficult to see the difference of the product . This situation raises a natural need for enterprises that need to create separate impression , a " personality " for their products . So positioning strategy was born . In the book "Visionary Companies", co-authored by two Americans Jerry Porras and Jim Collins writes about the 18 most successful companies in the world 100 years ago, may find common ground to bring outstanding success for the this great brand: they never change their brand philosophy throughout the development stage. The strategy may change, mission and vision can adjust. But brand philosophy is not. In a flat world, almost everything can be imitated, except brand philosophy. No matter good or bad philosophy. Brands need to have their own philosophy to be different. Everything can be imitated, except the brand philosophy . So what is the philosophy of the brand? According to the Oxford Dictionary, philosophy is the guideline for active behaviours. Brand Philosophy is the motto action to reach the brand’s target . According to the opinion of Steve Jobs, the computer is not only a computer ( such as the type of IBM ). The computer must also beautiful. Jobs are always obsessed with beauty. The...
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