Inventions Of Steve Jobs

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Inventions of Steve Jobs Define Us
Steve Jobs revolutionized our world through his inventions. Born in san francisco in 1955 , jobs was the co founder and CEO of the apple inc. There are very few inventors in the world that give us devices that change the way we live. His attention to design, function and style won him millions of fans. He developed a passion for style and functional perfection, which became apple trademarks. There are not many households in the world that don’t have some form of technology created by Apple. I had recurring dream of my house is filled with many apple products. I remember my first apple product was an iPod.

Steve Jobs passed away at the young age of 56. It makes me consider my mortality.
Inventors attempt to come up with ideas to change the world but there are very few people that actually do it.
Steve jobs and Apple revolutionized our world through the electronic devices he and his company invented. The introduction of iMac and other amazing products made apple a powerful brand with loyal following.

The iPod forever changed the way we listen to music. It’s iconic commercials of a young person listening to music with the earphone buds and long wire swinging to the music changed the music industry.

The iPad forever changed the way we interact with apps and the endless store of information on the Internet.

I would guess this is just the precursor of screens attached to walls and other devices that we swipe and tap with our fingers to manipulate the electronic images

and music and remote control of virtually all electronic devices. The iPhone the most popular smart phone in the world forever changed the way we communicate with each other.
Steve Jobs has been compared to Edison, Da Vinci and all the great inventors of all time and I agree he certainly deserves to go down in history as an iconic figure that changed the world forever. Jobs advice for success was "You've got to find what you love."

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