Iphone 5, Apple’s Fragile Future

Topics: IPhone, Apple Inc., IPod Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Since Apple’s foundation on April 1, 1976(1), it has been climbing to the top of the world’s biggest and most valuable companies via the many breakthroughs in technology particularly the iPod, iMac and MacBook. However, ever since Apple’s famous CEO, Steve Jobs, passed away last year, Apple has rapidly gone downhill. The shoes Steve left seem to be too big for the new CEO Tim Cook; he seems to prefer to sail the big ship named Apple into safe harbor in order to avoid the many big waves from Samsung and Nokia. Unfortunately, all Apple’s new products make people miss Steve’s enthusiasm. One of those false blockbuster new items is the iPhone 5, which was released last month. For Apple fans, the iPhone 5 is simply frustrating. Apple’s loyal customers have been disappointed by the new iPhone 5 because of its decreased applications, appearance and abilities.

To begin with, the applications in the new iPhone 5 are full of errors particularly appstore, iTunes and map. Firstly, although the Apple appstore’s makeover is an improvement in aesthetics, its search results are now limited to one at a time via iPhone 5, resulting in significantly more scrolling(2). The layout feels cramped and consequently, it seems to be more difficult for users. Secondly, opening iTunes immediately slows down all of other processes. Also, iTunes

crashes at least once each hour, so trying to play a song or make a playlist in iTunes while importing music or updating an iPhone takes forever. Finally, the new Apple map, which replaced Google map in the iPhone 4s, is a disaster. Popular places such as the famous Eiffel Tower, which lies flat across Paris instead of being in the center, are incorrectly located. Furthermore, in spite of the realistic 3D vision, the iPhone 5’s, the two-finger gestures for rotating and adjusting the angle of the 3D renderings are extremely tough to master(3). The new but not improved appstore, music and plan in the iPhone 5’s software are serious errors from...
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