Iphone Case Study

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iPhone Case Study
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* Introduction3
* Diffusion of Innovation Theory3
* Marketing mix & International launch of iPhone in relation to the theory4-5 * Steve Jobs’ statement (Agreed)5-6
* Diffusion of innovation of roll for early adapter6-7 * Conclusion7

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The telecommunication industry has been the best area for Apple Inc to invest and grow the streaming technology globally. Almost the majority of people in the world own mobile phones which describes a huge demand and potential of supply into the market. The chosen step was to introduce a cellular phone that has the ability to download, store and play high volume of music tracks; capture and store photos from the integrated camera; massive storage memory; faster processing for internet; touch screen feature and finally ofcourse the adaptability to thousand of phone applications which were all defined only and exclusively into the Apple iPhone. In partnership, AT&T agreed for exclusive rights in addition to assist in structuring a developed document of contract agreement for iPhone consumers. Having chosen AT&T as their exclusive service provider, they benefited from the global innovative marketing plans for iPhone.

Diffusion of Innovation theory

Certain channels are communicated by innovation over a period of time by the members of a social system – this process is known as diffusion of innovation in business. The distribution of messages those are apparent as new ideas are concerned with the diffusion which features an extraordinary form of communication.

Four major fundamentals in the diffusion of new ideas are:
* The innovation
* Communication channels
* Time
* The social system

Marketing mix & International launch of iPhone in relation to the theory

A union of technologies e.g. iPhone features a mobile phone, an mp3 player, touch screen and internet surfing capabilities. (Products listed below at time of launch) -iPhone 3G 8 GB
- iPhone 3G 16 GB
- iPod Touch 8 GB
- iPod Touch 16 GB

Products have various flavour in regards to colour and hardware specifications. Specification is directly linked with price.

* Premium pricing technique
* Prices hardly fluctuates: products benefitted from low depreciation value * iPhones $599
* iPod Touch $399

Principle Promotional Tools
* Apple stores, supermarkets, and electronics stores.
* E-commerce
* TV advertisements
* Billboards
* Internet advertisements
* Magazines’ advertising
* Always a different and constant style.
* Eye-catching and famous logo or brand.
* Celebrities in few advertisements.
Place (distribution)
* Apple stores
* Apple online
* AT&T
* Retailers & e-retailers

Steve Jobs’ statement (Agreed)
Yes, the statement given by Steve Jobs can be agreed as there are many controversial points to consider. The present global technology is consistently under development. Demand for new products is very high in the market. Price elasticity also plays a vital role in consumers’ investments. As Steve Jobs stated to offer a $100 store credit towards purchase of any product at an Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store to every iPhone consumer who purchased an iPhone from either Apple or AT&T, and who were not receiving reimbursement or any other contemplation. One or the other way he wanted to do the right thing for their valued potential iPhone consumers and apologized for disappointing some of the customers who already purchased an Apple iPhone. Some of the key points to justify Steve’s statement are as follows:...
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