Iphone Do More Good Than Harm

Topics: Steve Jobs, IPhone, Apple Inc. Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: May 30, 2012
Still iPhones do more good than harm to us. Do you agree?

The most shocking event happened recently must be Steve Jobs, the co-founder, chairman, and former chief executive officer of Apple Inc. has quitted Apple Inc. Lots of the people are using iPhone which is the Apple Inc.’s product. The slogan of iPhone is “It changes everything”. The high popularity of iPhone had proved this truth for us. However, are the changes brought by iPhone good or not? In my point of view, iPhones do more harm than good to us.

Adolescents are one of the main consumer groups of iPhone, but they cannot resist the temptation of iPhone. It’s common to see that some teenagers are using iPhone all the time. They use iPhone when they’re walking, traveling on the bus, or even during the lessons. In their eyes, iPhone is not just a mobile phone, but it is also an entertaining product for them. They want to play the games, watch the movies all the time. For the sake of their safety, they shouldn’t do that. It’s extremely dangerous to use iPhone when you are walking or crossing the roads. Also, using the iPhone during the lessons makes adolescents cannot concentrate on the lessons but just keep playing the games or browsing the internet. All of above are the consequences brought by the highly-entertaining functions of iPhone. It really harm the adolescents but not good for them.

In addition to the harmful effect to the adolescents, iPhone also reduce the communication between people. We can always see that when we have family gathering, everyone sitting behind the table are using iPhone. They keep tapping and sliding and concentrate on the monitor of iPhone. They do not talk; even do not have any eye contact. IPhone deprives the chance of communication among people. The convenience brought by iPhone widens the distance between people. Therefore, iPhone also harm the relationship between people.

In short, iPhone really changes our life a lot; it may bring us some...
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