Is Change a Good Thing?

Topics: Change, IPhone, Apple Inc. Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: June 10, 2013
Is change good for us? That is the question that many of us teenagers like to ponder. Is changing a new teacher at the start of every year good? Are changing seats every term good? Is changing classes and being separated from our dear friends good? These are just a few of the many changes that take place in our daily lives. We may think that such changes are not beneficial to us, hence the conclusion: Change isn’t good for us. However, many of us are short sighted. We look at the smaller picture, the narrow perspective that is our small island home, Singapore. We rarely look at the bigger picture, the broad perspective that is beyond the waters of the Straits of Singapore, the world. Look at some changes that have taken place in the modern world, which is more or less good.

Firstly, when one talks about change, one thing comes into mind: Technology. And with technology, come the word: Apple. With Apple, one conjures up the image of an iPhone. No longer the simple red apple that we eat but one that we use all day long. Well, when the legendary late Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone in January 9, 2007, at the Macworld 2007 convention at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco, the world went in uproar, some dubbing it the ‘Jesus Phone’. That was how well the iPhone was received. The release of the iPhone would change the world and market of phones forever. The iPhone remains the most popular phone in the market now, with each release of its phone(s) setting a benchmark for other phone companies to outdo it. This creates a huge market for bigger, better, more innovative, accessible smartphones. Without the iPhone, I doubt that any other companies would have started the “Smartphone Craze” and many of us if not all of us would still be living in the pre-iPhone era a.k.a The Era of Nokia-and-the-normal-phone. The iPhone gave us the power to do everything, from social networking to gaming, all on the small sized but big powered device called the iPhone. It gave us much...
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