Isaacson Biography of Steve Jobs

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Isaacson Biography of Steve Jobs Assignment
"Stay hungry. Stay foolish." Probably the most well known quote from Steve Jobs. His whole life, Steve focused on creating new, exciting products. He would never give up, and always try to improve in the best way possible. Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs gives the reader an insight of the live of the Apple founder and how he built one of the world's most recognizable brands. 1. In general, what do I think that Walter Isaacson accomplished by writing this book?

Walter Isaacson has a great way of describing the character of Steve Jobs. Both his positive aspects (for instance the smart, intelligent side of Steve) as well as negative aspects (for instance the controlling and aggressive side of Steve) are represented.

The book also shows what Steve Jobs really was- a master of marketing and product launches. A great example is the publicity blast Apple received in 1984 due to a Super Bowl ad where the launch of the new Macintosh computer was announced. Although the board was against running the TV commercial, Jobs, with the support of his colleague and friend Wozniak, decided to run it anyways. The ad was a sensation and was later selected to be one of the greatest commercials of all time. 2. What did I like most about the book?

Mr. Isaacson makes it very entertaining to read the book. Although there are almost 600 pages to read, the fascinating stories and interviews make time fly by. The author does not only tell more serious stories, but adds lots of humor as well by mentioning little anecdotes. For instance, when Steve Jobs was traveling through India, he met a young Hindu holy man at a meeting with his followers. The author describes how the Hindu called Steve a baby, took him by the hand, washed him and shaved his head. 3. What did I like least about the book?

Walter Isaacson finished his biography about Steve Jobs earlier than the actual release date, October 24, 2011; however, he...
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