Jennifer Gaston Case

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Human Resource Management

Case Study Report: “Jennifer Gaston”

1. Evaluate Gaston’s hiring of Olivia DeCarlo as Aquamarine’s COO and President. How, if at all, might the process have been improved?

Before elaborating on the hiring process of the new president and COO Olivia DeCarlo some theoretical aspects concerning the right hiring process have to be clarified. In order to ensure the hiring of the most suitable candidate the right recruitment and selection process is absolutely necessary as it controls the entry of new employees into the organization. Recruitment means attracting potential candidates to apply to fill vacancies. Selection is the next step after the recruitment phase where potential candidates are selected out of a pool of candidates who were attracted to apply and afterwards the best candidates are selected and offered a job. There are three critical aspects a firm needs to fulfill before attracting suitable candidates. The firm needs to clearly define the employment need and then designing accordingly the job and candidate profiles with all the requirements a candidate has to fulfill and tasks and responsibilities he/she can expect from the position. Only by a clear definition of job and candidate profiles the correct matching of vacancy characteristics with applicant characteristics can be secured. After the job and candidate profiles are clearly defined and suitable candidates attracted firms should follow several sequences of selection processes. Behind these sequences firms have to choose and use the most appropriate selection methods, making selection decisions, and in the end validating the results and decision made. Most common selection methods are CV and application form screening normally used in the first selection stages to gain a quick, initial overview of the candidates. Additionally, references can provide a good background check of candidates. Interviews are the most frequently used selection tool carrying a great deal of weight in the selection process, because they strongly help to determine the right person-organization fit. In the case of the hiring process of the new president and COO Olivia DeCarlo, Jennifer Gaston, founder and CEO of the luxury jewelry company Aquamarine, has proceeded essential selection steps to ensure the right hiring, however, there are some areas of improvement. Jennifer Gaston developed in the beginning a set of responsibilities and roles required for the position. Additionally, she had concrete personal and educational prospects about the potential candidate and stated the importance of the cultural fit between the candidate and the organization and his/her team player skills. However, Jennifer Gaston was faced with a lot of time pressure during the selection process, which was the reason why when offering DeCarlo the job vacancy job responsibilities were supposed to be further enumerated in the first months of employment. Thus, the selection process should be improved by clearly defining and especially finalizing position related tasks and responsibilities. Besides, a selection process for highly important job positions should not be influenced and rushed through because of time pressure to minimize the consequences and risks of a wrong hiring. Moreover, Jennifer Gaston received the advice from a trusted advisor to consider Olivia DeCarlo as an appropriate candidate. As discussed, it is recommended to consider references giving a second opinion about a potential candidate. Afterwards, Jennifer Gaston screened DeCarlo’s CV to get a clear overview and arranged a casual interview for lunch to receive a greater insights about her as a person and her career. Thereafter, she settled a follow-up telephone interview conducted by an important member of the management team namely the lead designer. A follow-up interview is an essential step in the selection process receiving further insights on the candidate and...
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