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You will be writing five five-paragraph essays about Antigone that reflect our recent study of literary theory. These papers will be due at some point in October.

Your Options: Archetypal, Psychoanalytical, Marxist, feminist, (new) historicist, biographical. Obviously, there will one that you don’t use. You can format these essays as one longer paper with five different subsections and one shared works cited page. There is no reason to submit five individual papers. No.

What are we looking for??…

The following represent the rubrics that will be used all year…for tests, papers, what have you…

Did you attempt a big idea and deductive intro?
Do you have an intro with a functioning thesis?
Do you have body paragraphs with functioning Topic sentences? Does your conclusion synthesize your ideas and thoughts?

Did you attempt to apply a central critical theory to the text? Did you link your critical idea to precise instances and examples in the text?

Rhetorical Structure
Have you provided adequate argumentative structure including assertion, textual support and commentary?

Diction and Syntax
Did you attempt to use appropriate/relevant word choice?
Do you attempt to construct interesting, varied sentences?

Did you follow the necessary MLA format parameters for the essay in question? Obviously, papers written in class (tests, etc.) will be decidedly less formal. Are your mechanical errors in terms of punctuation, spelling, etc. reasonable given the time of preparation/composition?

An EXAMPLE of the Rubric applied to a timed write/exam:

C: 8
A: 9 (x2)
RS: 7
D/S: 8

This person would receive an 82% on their exam (8+9+9+7+8= 41 x2 = 82). Please note that MLA and mechanics are not figured in due to the timed focus on analysis.

An EXAMPLE of the Rubric applied to a shorter paper:

C: 8
A: 9
RS: 7
D/S: 8
MLA: 7

This person would receive a 78%...

Cited: format 25 ______
Quality of research sources 20 ______
Format/correctness of in-text citations 25 ______
Total possible points: 130 (or 170 for research)
Your Score/ Grade:
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