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Strategic Change of Campaign at Apple Inc.
Dr Debajani Sahoo

“Apple has a long history of exceptional advertising, starting with 1984”1. - Ross Rubin (Director of Analysis , NPD Group, 14 Dec 2007)

“Advertising a “core pillar” of Apple’s strategy:“It’s bringing in new people to Apple products.” Apple and its advertising agency take very different approaches to get that message across. Despite their differences,Apple ads have in common at least one major advantage over many competitors’ commercials: regardless of whether you love or hate the spots, you’ll likely remember them, and that’s the first step to building a successful image.” - Hoag Levins (Executive Producer, AdAge.com2, 14 Dec 2007)

“These Apple ads speak the objective truth.The Internet is a very dangerous place and getting worse every day.They say: take responsibility. Evaluate. Don’t let your security and privacy, joy and creativity die a fiery death.” - John Martellaro3 (Senior Scientist and Author US, 15 May 2006)

By May 2010, Apple Inc. stopped airing its most popular the ‘Get a Mac’ advertising campaign, and the apple. com/Get a Mac site replaced a new campaign ‘Why You’ll Love a Mac’4. It was shocking news for the viewers, who were fond of that ad. Apple’s “Get a Mac(GAM),” began airing in May 2006, featuring actors Justin Long and John Hodgman as the Mac and PC, respectively5. It conveyed just a simple and straight forward message and was targeted to appeal to the vast mainstream computer users. The last set of “Get a Mac” commercials had been released in October 20096. The ad highlighted the Mac’s advantages in a way that’s both accessible and memorable for the regular user. “Apple had a strong focus on retailing and the

consumer,” commented by Ross Rubin SA7. “The new Mac and PC ads were one of the best campaigns of all time,” “It was an extraordinary advertising event.” commented Hoag Levins 8.The new “Why You’ll Love a Mac” campaign highlighted five key marketing points for Macs in comparison to PCs: Better Hardware, Better Software, Better Operating System , Better Support, and It’s Compatible9. Apple Inc. was an US based multinational corporation famous in manufacturing consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. The GAM campaign targeted not only technologically savvy consumers, but people who did not have knowledge of technical know-how to switch platforms and those people who had a PC and were not aware of other

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Referring to the iconic Super Bowl commercial that introduced the Macintosh to the world,, Dec 14, 2007 Dan Moren, “Analysis: The many of faces of Apple advertising,”, Dec 14, 2007. John Martellaro is a senior scientist and author. A former U.S. Air Force officer, he has worked for NASA, White Sands Missile Range, Lockheed Martin Astronautics, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Apple Computer. During his five years at Apple, he worked as a Senior Marketing Manager for science and technology, Federal Account Executive, and High Performance Computing Manager,, May 15th, 2006. “Get a Mac’ ad campaign stopped “ 25,2010. Dan Moren, “Analysis: The many of faces of Apple advertising, ”, Dec 14, 2007. Eric Slivka,” apple-officially-ends-get-a-mac-campaign-revamps-why-youll-love-a-mac-feature”,May 21,2010. Director of analysis at NPD Group, referring to the iconic Super Bowl commercial that introduced the Macintosh to the world,(, Dec 14, 2007) Executive producer of, agrees, calling advertising a “core pillar” of Apple’s strategy: “It’s bringing in new people to Apple products,(, Dec 14, 2007) “apple_removes_get_a_mac_ads_from_site_finalizing_end_of_campaign,”,May 21, 2010.


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