La Casa De Las Boats

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Zhe Cui
Prof. Nicholas
MKTG-342 Case Analysis
Feb 27, 2015

La Casa de Las Botas

1. Summary
La Casa de Las Botas is a small company which has luxurious retail space in downtown Buenos Aires and a little workshop located about 10km to the west. El Señor Jorge Da Silva Villagrán, the company founder and owner, used to work as an apprentice for Pierri Company for fifteen years. When Mr. Pierri was retiring along with some of his employees, Jorge decided to buy the business from him in 1989, since he has learned all the techniques and secrets for manufacturing first-class leather boots. Jorge renamed the company La Casa de Las Botas. Currently he supervises ten highly trained craftsmen to product the luxury boots. Their products are sold in Argentina and other 15 countries with the help of his son, who is the only one speak English and give a hand in marketing. From beginning of his business, Jorge applied the business philosophy oriented towards product quality and customer satisfaction. He acknowledged both of them are the key success factors which benefit the firm reputation as well. Hence, Jorge had managed to develop reliable local procurement sources to select superior quality leather, also the skills in selecting and measuring for a perfect fit of the boots were considered key factors in producing high-value boots. Based on these, the life time of boots made by La Casa de Las Botas was of about ten to fifteen years. The high quality of boots has benefited firm to build up word-of-mouth recommendations and customers satisfactions. Jorge respected all his clients because he believed that respect was essential to growth. Customer service and personalized attention were critical in the entire selling process including pre-purchase phase and addressing after-sale situation. The stability of business depends on trust and long-term relationships with its customers. Jorge has setup the company website in 2000 so that customers outside of Argentina could...
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