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Topics: Google, Education, Innovation Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: July 1, 2013
Learning Organizations: Apple & Google
Sandee Jones
Ashford University
Learning Organizations & Effectiveness
OMM 625
Dr. Renee Hill
June 09, 2013

Learning Organizations: Apple & Google
In business there are five keys that are required to build a learning organization and allow it to flourish and blossom into a flower that one is proud to call it theirs. As the economy continues to spiral downward, companies are realizing that it is harder to find people with the skills needed in the workforce to accommodate them as innovative employees, so companies are beginning to become learning facilities so they can teach people the skills they need, and in turn hire them as an employee (Bersin, J. 2012). When a company is willing to teach their strategies to others it is through corporate training and human resources does not own it. If a business leader were asked, “How do people learn?” The most common answer is “on the job.” (Bersin, 2012) People apply themselves and learn a lot when they do it by having hands on experience. Quantrum Learning is a research based sales, marketing and innovation training company. They focus on teaching people to think the way that Steve Jobs thought. Along with Apple, Quantrum is putting insightful classes together as a series of learning that will try to provide an insight into Apple’s approach to new product innovation, and how those who attend can apply the same sort of insight to business, market and competitive strategies (Peters, J. 2008). The companies chosen as learning organizations, for this paper are Apple, and Google. Both companies are learning organizations. Apple is a group of young eager college students who were intrigued by new technology, so they continued to teach one another the new product innovation, how to apply it in the business, market it, and reap its rewards. Google was also started by college students who wanted to link all of the web addresses, and make it possible to find any...

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