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Code of Ethics

Given the following scenario “During lunch in the hospital cafeteria, a fellow worker tells a group of individuals that a friend of hers is in the hospital having cosmetic surgery. She continues to describe the extent and nature of the surgery.” This statement is wrong in many ways but I do not think that she broke a code of ethics. First it never states what the person telling her coworkers does at the hospital. She could work in housekeeping, while she has certain obligations based on the fact she works at the hospital but not directly with patients therefor not ever participating in the Code of Ethics for Medical Assistants or Nurses respecting the patient’s privacy. If this person does not work with patients directly than no she did not violate any code of ethics. She probably should have shown her friend a little more respect by not announcing when and what and where she was having a procedure done. But on the other hand she was an employee of the hospital and workers of the hospital could have a certain code of ethics that they are supposed to follow, like not discussing any patient’s personal information to anyone. If I were in this situation I would not report this person to her supervisor. Even if she did brake a code of ethics, I would approach her directly and discuss my concerns for the patient and or her friend. As her friend probably disclosed this information to her based on the fact she is a worker of the hospital and possibly in the medical field with direct patient care and discussing her case over lunch is probably not what the patient had in mind.

S your friend violating any codes of ethics? If yes, which one(s)? What would you do in this situation about your coworker?
Would you ignore the situation, or discuss your concerns with you coworker? Would you report the worker to her supervisor?
“During lunch in the hospital cafeteria, a fellow...

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